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Thursday 4th February

Hello children!

Edgar said he really enjoyed our game on Teams yesterday - thank you for playing with us.

Here are your little activities for today...

Literacy / Science

In our Cinderella story this week, Cinderella lost her glass slipper. Do you think glass is a good material to use to make a shoe? Why?

Glass is a really good material to use for other things. Click on the link to find out how glass is actually made...

Did you know...

Today you are going to be detective. Go on a hunt around you house and see how many things you can see that are made of glass. Can you write a list and draw the pictures? You can work in your red books or on paper. Remember just to look and  not to lift the objects children as glass can be dangerous when it's dropped.


Click on the link for today's phonics lesson with Mrs Evans...

As an extra challenge click to practise reading more oa words...


Today our Maths learning is going to be an active one.

Firstly, click on the link to practise singing to 100 with Spiderman.

Today we have been learning about glass. Carry out this cool maths investigation at home...

Explorers - RE

Parents: If possible light a candle.

We are going to be still and quiet and listen to some quiet music that we know from school...(1 or 2 minutes)

Calming music for children

Say this little prayer... (adult to read)

Lesson 3 - The Presentation Story

Look at this picture...

Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem.  They wanted to present him to God and thank God for giving them their lovely boy.

Whilst they were there they met two people, Simeon and Anna.  They went to the Temple every day to pray.  Simeon took Jesus in his arms and gave thanks to God.  He said a prayer over Jesus and blessed Mary and Joseph.  He said Jesus was like a light to help people.  Anna was delighted to see Jesus and gave thanks to God for him.

Afterwards Mary and Joseph took Jesus home to Nazareth.

Who do you see in the picture?

Why did Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the Temple?

Who were the people that they met?

Why did Simeon and Anna go to the Temple?

What did Simeon do?

What did  Simeon say about Jesus?

Jesus is often called the Light of the World. Click on the link to sing a song we know about this. Can you join in with the actions too?

Share the Light of Jesus 

To finish our lesson can you make a beautiful candle? Print off the design a candle sheet or click on the link to learn how to make a cool candle with paper..