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Thursday 4th February

Good morning, Year 3! (second place in the school on Spelling Shed ;-) )

I shall see you at 8.45. 

There is a reading comprehension for you to have a go at today, with 4 sections of questions, to do with a healthy diet. Do as many sections as you reasonably can.


Today, in Maths, we will be dividing 2 digit numbers by 1 digit, with remainders.

It is quite a difficult concept to explain remotely, so I would like you to watch the White Rose Video carefully first, straight after the 8.45 Check in,  if you can, before the Live session at 9.15. Click below for the video.

Please watch this White Rose Teaching Video first before the meeting at 9.15

During the Live session, at 9.15, we will then have a go at completing the worksheet together, as part of the lesson. Please bring a whiteboard and pen, plus counters, for your working out. For those of you who understand the tasks, and have completed them, then you can leave early, and have a go at the questions below. These do not have remainders, but you will need to be able to exchange within the numbers. Write out page number and part you are doing in your Maths exercise book. 


True or False?

Each calculation will have a remainder.

16 ÷ 5

26 ÷ 5

30 ÷ 5

Answers from Written Method.

English - Teams at 11 - This will be a short session, to give you time to do your Big Write for the school website, on the process of mummifying tomatoes. 

Well done, Year 3. It has been a great week so far of learning. I shall now pass you over to Mrs Clark.

Mrs Willgoose x


Good Afternoon Year 3,

In today's Art lesson we will be adding tone when drawing a leaf. You will use the 4 rules of shading from last lesson, as well as exploring how to add tone when using colour. You will find the Powerpoint and activity in the files below, I have also added the link to the video below, if needed. 

I look forward to sharing your art work with you this afternoon. 

Click here for Art video - Applying tone to a line drawing

Mrs Clark x

True or False answer: 


30 is a multiple of 5 so will not have a remainder.

16 ÷ 5 = 3 r 1

26 ÷ 5 = 5 r 1

30 ÷ 5 = 6