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Thursday 3rd March

I don't think St. George's Senior School students are coming in today, (they sometimes do at 9am for 40 minutes, to teach an RE lesson) but please check with Mrs Holt (Year 6).

Please can certificates be prepared for tomorrow's assembly. Either someone who has not received a certificate yet (last week Ferran and Lexi) or  if someone has stood out to you. The certificate book is in the tray next to the class robot, with spare certificates to fill in. Please laminate nd make a note of whom you gave it to. LSA can help.


White Rose Teaching Video Subtract Money

Teaching Powerpoint and worksheet attached below.

Extension - Some children may be able to do page 99 (subtraction questions only) from Target Your Maths textbook, writing answers in their exercise books.



Children complete their Wanted Poster from yesterday for The Iron Man.

Whole Class Guided Reading Comprehension - 

Letter to an Author Print page 9 and 10, from the attachment for the children below.


Mrs O'Neil's KS2 Assembly at 1pm (Check)


History - What tools did people from the Iron Age use?

It might be nice to start the afternoon with the portal story, attached below. 

Click here for BBC link - How did peope in the Iron Age live

Read text (recap from last week) and watch video. 

Then use the powerpoint and activity sheet to sort and name the tools used.


Mrs Lake (Governor) in to hear readers pm. Children can leave their reading books and records in the middle of their tables in preparation.