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Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Year 5!

I hope that you are all keeping well and that you have had a good week so far! This week I will be putting some questions for you to respond to on the Class Blog and will be there at 10.00 and 2.00. I look forward to hearing from you!

Onto today's tasks (after an active start with Joe Wicks if you are able!)...


Before you start your activity today, I have included the next chapter of our class story for you to read so we can keep up to date with Amber's adventures!  The focus of today's actual SPaG task is practising using bullet points. I have included a 'How to Use Bullet Points' PDF below for you to read through with an adult (apologies if you weren't able to access the Word documents last week: strictly PDF from now!). I have also attached the activity. You will need to read through the information about the magician Harry Kellar. Using no more than 12 bullet points (but no fewer than 8), I would like you to summarise the key information about Harry Kellar. I suggest that you look at each paragraph in turn and decide on what the main points are in that paragraph, before writing them down in your bulleted list and then moving on to the next paragraph. Use colour pens to make it more colourful! Remember to apply what you have learnt about using bullet points.


A fun Easter-themed task for you today, which I would have done with you in class as our 'last maths before the Easter holidays' lesson! I know how much you enjoyed the Christmas version of the task. It is another maths mystery! Don't worry if you can't do it all in one go: you can come back to it for fun or maybe even take it in turns to solve clues with an adult! Solve each puzzle, then use the clue you get from each puzzle to then work out who the culprit is. I have included the answer sheet for the adults. Enjoy!


A few weeks ago, we started our new topic on 'Marvellous Mechanisms' and we had learnt about levers, carrying out an investigation in class. In the last week of school-in-a-school, I showed you all a video about gears and have attached this as a link for you to watch again. If you have a bike, get it out and have a look at where the gears are on your bike. What happens to the chain when you change gear? Draw some diagrams of the gears (the toothed cogs rather than the gear levers on your handlebars!). Have a go at counting how many teeth there are on each cog. Add this information to your diagrams. Then have a go at answering these questions and annotating your diagram with your responses:

  • Do you notice anything about the numbers of teeth on the different gears?
  •  Why do we have gears? When is a low gear useful? When is a high gear useful?

The video has a lot of useful information in it to help you too. If you don't have access to a bike, use the video to put together some information about gears.


I will be around on the blog to say hi, but in case I don't 'see' you there, have a wonderful Easter!

Lots of love, Mrs. Clay