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Thursday 28th January

See Class one drive to access resources detailed below

Good morning Year 6,

Welcome to Thursday! First things first, I’m going to extend the closing date for our art competition so that you have a little more time to complete your work. If your entry is already finished, brilliant, you can send me a picture as soon as you are ready. If not, you now have until Friday 5th February to enter. Remember there will be arty prizes up for grabs!

A reminder, this is the website you need and click on downloads. 

Here is today’s timetable –

Early Work – Arithmetic quick burst - Multiplication and division booklet from your new learning pack.

Maths L.O.  I can use my knowledge of decimals to complete word problems. We will work on some examples together. Then you will practise your skills using Textbook page 106.  If you find column A a little tricky, try the word problems sheet. For an extra challenge try the maths mat.  

English - Following yesterday’s lesson, today’s session will be spent on the write up of our extended writing. If you finish this and you have time, you can complete ‘A Great Pet’ from your new learning pack.

RE –This afternoon we will be using our lovely new Bibles. There are instructions at the bottom of the page.  If you finished your Bible cover last week, bring those along to our lesson this afternoon. It would be fantastic to share them!

If you have any time left this afternoon, you are free to choose. You can finish some art, work on your competition entry, explore with Digimaps, do something sporty – the choice is yours!

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Holt