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Thursday 26th March

Good morning Year 5!

Well, this is a different Thursday for us all! Hope you are all keeping well and have been enjoying a new experience of home-learning.

Hopefully you have started the day with Joe Wicks like I have been with my family: a great way to keep active but also give us a giggle! Mostly my sons are having a laugh at my attempts to keep up with Joe,  but never mind! I am sure I will improve in time!

So, onto the activities for today...

SPaG: we will be recapping on using speech marks (also known as inverted commas). You will need to write each sentence out in your book, adding in the missing speech marks but also any missing capital letters or full stops. I would suggest that you work out where the missing capital letters and full stop should go first, then work out where the speech marks go. Make sure you read the information at the top of the sheet to remind you about how they are used correctly.

Maths: we will be recapping on rounding decimals. You will need to copy the table into your maths book. Round each of the numbers to the nearest whole number and to the nearest tenth. The answers are for your parents. When you have finished, have a go at the Decimal Place Value Challenge in your books. Again, the answers are for your parents. Don't worry if you can't finish both activities.

Science: we will be going right back to our topic on Earth & Space! Because the skies have been so clear lately, I have been able to see Venus appearing in the sky just after sunset: it is one of the brightest objects in the night sky at the moment, and certainly the brightest in the early evening sky. Have a look out for it if you can: it will be visible around 18.42 this evening, just as the dusk sky fades, and is the very bright 'star' (obviously not a star, as it is a planet, but you may not have realised that what you see isn't a star!). You will need to wait until the evening to do this, but this afternoon for science you could create a factfile or poster about the planet Venus. A great starting point is (click on the link on the right under 'related links').

Have a lovely day and please make sure you take some time to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. At the end of the day, take time with your family to reflect on the things for which you are each thankful. 

Love from Mrs. Clay