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Thursday 25th February

For resources detailed below, please see class one drive

Good morning Year 6,

Welcome to Thursday! There were more amazing animal facts being shared yesterday, including that reindeer can sometimes have red noses (yes really) and that some species of  salamander have lungs and breathe air as adults but others don't! I wonder what we will learn today as we tackle maths problems, report writing, RE, art, reading and research - a busy day! 

Here is our timetable  - 

For Early Work  there is a maths quick booklet for you to do. You will be tackling questions about length, distance and height and you can do most of these questions from the screen if you can’t print the whole booklet. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to finish this today, there are lots of questions!

Maths – I can convert between miles and kilometres. So far this week, we have been thinking about metric units. Today, we will think about Imperial units as we convert between miles and kilometres. Please complete the maths questions, there is a  video if you need it  here.  If you finish, there are some extension challenge cards that you can do, which you will find in the class one drive.  

In our English session today, we will continue with yesterday’s work. You should now have all the facts you need about your chosen creature ready to use in your report. You will need this information and the planning sheet from yesterday’s resources for this lesson.

RE  This afternoon we will explore the start of Lent, investigating some of the traditions associated with the start of the Lenten season. We will work together in this session, thinking about how the season begins.  There is a cross template in the one drive folder for today which you might like to use in this session.

Have a great day!

Mrs Holt x