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Thursday 25th February

We have been learning about how humans grow and change. To keep our body working at it’s best we need to look after it by staying healthy. Being healthy helps you feel good and means you’re less likely to get sick. Click on the link to find out more…

Can you make a poster to show people how to stay healthy? You could draw or cut out pictures from a magazine. Here are some examples...

20+ Inspiration Healthy Food Drawing Competition For Kids | The Quiet  Country House


Click on the link for today's phonics lesson...

Now you have learned to read the or sound, scroll down to print off the phase 3 or sound colouring scene..



Today we are going to learn about measuring time. Click on the link for the lesson...

Follow up activity

Scroll down to open the one minute challenge cards. Choose a challenge (or more) to complete - have fun!


We are going to learn a fun song about growing. Click on the picture to listen..

ᐈ Kids singing clip art stock pictures, Royalty Free children singing  vectors | download on Depositphotos®

You can scroll down to print off these lyrics too.