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Thursday 24th February

I believe St. George's, on checking the calendar, are doing their mock exams and so will not be coming into school for their teaching session. However, if they do come, they will be teaching an Explore lesson, from the Listening and Sharing topic. 

Children can put their reading books and records in the middle of their tables, ready  for Mrs Lake (School Governor) to hear readers, if she comes in this afternoon. She goes to the library, and takes the pile of reading books / records. 

Early Morning work - The children can challenge themselves to learn more about co-ordinates and how to write them (cross - curricular activity) in preparation for their writing later today. 

In the tray by the class robot, there is a set of worksheets, as below, for the children to have a go at. Afterwards these can be stuck into topic books (Ancient Egyptian cover).

For example, the tractor is in (M,8) 

Maths - Money - Pence (sheets should be on the printer). Teaching powerpoint slides attached below, and worksheet / answer sheets if needed, also attached below.

Click here for WR Teaching Video - Counting in Pence


Today, you will be planning, in your topic books, a piece of writing to explain how to collect the body parts of the class robot, from around the school grounds. This learning follows on from Tuesday's lesson, where the children collected the co-ordinates, using a plan of the school, of our class robot's body parts, which had been found scattered around outside the school grounds. This is related to our class text, the Iron Man, by Ted Hughes, and the first chapter, where the Iron Man falls off a cliff, landing in different pieces, but is eventually put back together. The children have read Chapter 1 in Guided Reading sessions so far this week.The planning sheet, for the children to use today, to help them plan, is attached below, and can be printed off. The children will need support with sentence starters / time fronted adverbials, i.e. Firstly, Finally, Lastly, Next, Meanwhile, etc. and an example for display is attached below. They may need further teaching of how to write co-ordinates, although they should be feeling more confident with this, if they completed the early morning work. The actual piece of writing, to be started today or tomorrow, will look similar to this, although not the same, as this was co-ordinates used another year.

The co-ordinates sheet, of where the body parts were found, is similar to below. This sheet is in their topic books and should be completed (their topic books have an Ancient Egypt cover, but we've just started our Iron Inspired topic in it).

Assembly - Mrs O'Neil at 1pm.

Mrs Lake will potentially be in to hear readers this afternoon.

History - Introduction to the Celts. 

There is a powerpoint attached below (not fully edited, and in too much detail, so please skip through) to introduce the Celts. I'm hoping the children might make links to the Celts being in existence at the same time as the Ancient Egyptians (there is some cross over).

Then focus in on Celtic Homes. There is a good video to watch from Butser Ancient Farm.

Click on link and then on 2nd video down.

 Please focus in on Celtic Homes today. I have also attached an activity sheet for the children to draw their own Celtic house. If they do this, please stick in topic books. These are photos from Butser, which shows the outside and inside of replica roundhouses.


Mrs Willgoose x