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Thursday 23rd April

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning Year 6,

I have really enjoyed finding out how you are getting on this week. You are working very hard and learning lots of new skills! We have great chefs, artists, mechanics, engineers, scientists, musicians, gardeners and sports stars in our class and you should all feel very proud of yourselves! it’s a sunny Thursday and I’ve got lots of new jobs for you to do. Have you had a go at this week’s art activities yet? If you have, make sure you email or blog some pictures of your work, I will put them on the website so we can all see how fabulous you are!

Here are today’s tasks

Joe Wicks PE click here  or do a sporting/exercise activity of your choice.

Maths click here  complete lesson 4 Angles in turns. Remember that you need to look at the week 2 resources to find this lesson.

Extra challenge

Choose some sections from the four figure grid reference sheet which I have emailed this morning.  You don’t need to do all of it, just select a small set of questions from each page. There is some new learning here. Think about our work on coordinates and that will help you. Remember to go along the corridor and up the stairs! In each grid reference, the first two numbers are ‘Eastings’ the second two numbers are ‘Northings’. These are just new names for the X axis and the Y axis.


Continue to draft the queen bee story using the resources from yesterday.

RE-complete task 1 from the Year 6 Home Learning sheet RE section. ‘Think about times when we have been called to serve others. How can we show our service to others, especially at this time? What do you think service means? Write your thoughts and ideas in your learning journal. It would be fantastic if you could email your thoughts to me via your Purple Mash email address and I will pass them on to Mr Tindall to read.


Computing Purple Mash ‘2do’ set online, practise your typing skills.

Free choice  - choose one of the activities from the big Home Learning sheet to complete by yourself.

Remember to do some reading today and record your reading in your journal.

Have a great day, enjoy some sunshine if you can!

Mrs Holt