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Thursday 21st January

Thursday 21st January

Good morning Year 6,

Welcome to Thursday. I hope your week is going well.  Your new learning pack is ready to collect from school from lunchtime today. There’s lots of new work inside so we will be dipping into it from Monday  Today I’ll be announcing an art  competition for you to enter. I’ll tell you all about it in our Teams call later, I can’t wait to see your entries!

Here is our timetable for today, with all the links and resources you will need –

Early Work - There is an arithmetic quick burst for you to do first, these are subtraction sums with four digit numbers. You also have the answers so you can mark your work.

Maths – Teams Input – L.O. – I can multiply decimals by integers. I  will work through some examples with you before you complete work independently. Please by looking at the maths textbook pages 56 and 57. Choose your level of learning, looking at either column B or C. If you find this tricky, go instead to the other textbook page and do page 55. (link and answer at the bottom of this page).

English -Following on from yesterday’s work, today we will focus on writing a paragraph about how we would like to improve the facilities and services in our town. There are instructions below for you to read.

RE – You need your arty skills for our RE lesson today. We will be designing a cover for a children’s Bible. I will go through some examples with you and you will then design your own.

Finally I would like you to do some independent tasks this afternoon. Here a 'to do list' for you to work from - 

  • If you have collected your learning pack, have a look through it and organise the contents
  • Do some outdoor exercise or a sporting activity if you can
  • Make sure that BOTH your English paragraphs are completed and proof-read
  • Do some work in your sketchbook, you might want to start planning your competition entry!
  • Please make sure that your reading journal is up to date and that you have recording your reading for this week.
  • Did you finish your science work yesterday? if not you could do this. 

So lots to do! Remember to try to upload some of your work from this week to your one drive so that I can see it.

Have a great day!

Mrs Holt x