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Thursday 21st January


The three bears live in a cottage. A cottage is a small house which is usually in the countryside. Where else do people live? Click on the link to look at some different types of homes.

Types of houses and homes

Can you draw a picture of your home? Can you draw your family next to or inside your home? Can you label your family members?


Click on the link for todays phonics lesson

Learn to read ng

Can you write these words on your whiteboard or in your red book (adults please read out a selection of the following words, depending on the needs of your child)

Ring  hang  rang  song  wing  long  sing  king  

Extention activity (optional): Can you write this sentence...

I can sing a song  or The king has a long chin     

Click on the link for this cool video about ng...

the ng digraph


In the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the bears were different sizes. We are going to investigate measuring sizes at home...

  1. Find 3 toys of different sizes from around your house.
  2. Can you put them in order smallest to largest?
  3. Point to the smallest/largest/middle sized.
  4. How do you know it’s smaller/larger can you explain?
  5. Find 3 more toys.
  6. Add these to your line in size order.
  7. How long can you make your line using your toys?

NB Parents: When completing this please use lots of early maths measuring vocabulary such as ...

Click on this link to play a cool Bears sorting game.

Bears sorting game.


Click on this link to listen to a funny story about porridge...

The Magic Porridge Pot

Try this fun porridge experiment at home. Can you send me a picture and tell me which porridge was your favourite? You can scroll down to print this too.