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Thursday 21st January

Good morning everyone! I hope you are well and ready for some more lovely learning!

To start you off today, there is a reading comprehension, with an Egyptian theme! Choose the right level for you - there is something there for everyone. 

Then, to mix things up, and because it is Big Write day, I'd though we would start with our English at the Teams call at 9.15, so you have more time to do your writing after the call finishes. I will go through the success criteria then, but basically I'm looking for you to retell your Egyptian story in the same style as a fairy tale, (with the fairy tale being recognisable through your story) but try to use some fronted adverbials too. Please, please, please remember your capital letters and full stops as well. The neatest handwriting you can manage really helps, I must add :-) Get everything you need ready for this. You will need to hand your

  • story map plan with your title on.
  • your story map drawing
  • your fronted adverbials mat
  • your Egyptian topic word mat
  • plus anything else you might need to support you when writing

I would like to see your writing, so please hand this work in to the One Drive folder. I will be providing Whole Class Feedback for this writing, through our Whole Class Feedback form, so look out for this in the next few days.

Then, at 11, we'll do our Maths session. After that, I pass you over to the lovely Mrs Clark. You've been amazing this week, Year 3. Thank you. Finish it on a high with Mrs Clark and show her your amazing dedication to learning too :-) 

Mrs Willgoose x

Hi Year 3,

I hope you're enjoying this week so far, it looks like you have all been working hard at home!  I will see you at 1.30 today for our afternoon check in.  Our Art lesson this week will continue to develop your drawing skills using your Cross Hatching skills from last week, as well as teaching you two new techniques; Blending and Stippling.  I hope you enjoy the afternoon, you will find everything you need in the files below. 

I look forward to seeing some of your work tomorrow morning!

Mrs Clark x