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Thursday 18th June

Good morning Year 6,

Welcome to Thursday. I hope you are having a good week. I have seen some wonderful portraits of you all, sent  by email. You are such an arty bunch! Remember that I will need your artwork for one of our Year 6 mementos so if you haven't sent yours yet, please try to do it as soon as you can. I have sent all the feedback slips out for the Special Learning projects I received, I hope you've seen yours. 

Here are your tasks for today 

Joe Wicks PE click here Or a sporting/exercise activity of your choice.

Maths White Rose Maths video at click here converting miles to kilometres  (resources emailed) 

Special Mission  Page 11 – Keeping in Touch. In this piece we remember that we will not be together in the same class or even the same school next year.  We have had to find new ways to keep in touch in recent months. How can we continue with these and what else can we do to ensure that we get to spend time with friends we are no longer share a class with?  Please remember to think not only about 'electronic' means of staying in touch, how/when/where can you safely meet up with your old friends next year? All instructions are on the Special Mission sheet. 

Your Special Mission book should be filling up quite nicely now. If it isn't please look back through all the mission sheets for any tasks you have missed and complete those this week. You will have new tasks next week and your secondary school may also have work for you to complete.   

In the afternoon,  work on some Whole School Learning – Choose one task to complete. If you have not completed any RE yet, you could do this today, doing either this week's or last week's task.  

Have a great day, 

Mrs Holt x