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Thursday 15th July 2021

Our final online Teams meetings before we return to school. Mrs Clark will see you tomorrow in school and I will be back to school on Monday. Our Roman Day will be Tuesday next week. Please come dressed as a Roman.

In other news, after Mary being top of Spelling Shed across the school last week, and in 1st place (Congratulations, Mary!) Alex is in 1st place this week, Mary 3rd, Dominik 6th, Sapphire 7th, Jamie 14th and Maximillian 17th! You going on and working hard on your spellings means that we are in 1st place overall :-) 

Well done also to people going on Purplemash. Remember, it is an online platform for you, and you are free to explore anything on there - it does not have to be set by the teacher. You can do your own search for things that you are interested in or things you know you need to work on. For example, this is a really good time to try and learn your times tables, ready for Year 4. 

This morning, I'd like you to think about writing a letter to Year 2, to welcome them to Year 3. We will talk about this in our Teams meeting at 9.30am. 

For Maths, please watch the teaching video and have a go at the attached worksheets. You can also get back in the kitchen and have a go at reading capacity scales and looking at recipes. Liquids will be listed as capacity and food as mass.

Maths - Measure Capacity

http://Video - Measure Capacity


This afternoon, in our 1.30pm Teams, we'll be looking at the things Roman rule gave us. 

Click here for video

What did the Romans invent video - click here

For your recorded work, I'd like you to match up the pictures, as attached below on the Roman Legacy sheet. You could also have a go at going through your day, and listing the Roman influences on your day (sanitation, education, etc). 

Take care, Year 3. If you're back in school tomorrow, enjoy, and I will hopefully see all of you next week, on Monday. 

Mrs Willgoose x