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Thursday 14th May

Good morning Year 6,

It’s Thursday! Thank you to everyone who has sent their writing to me, I’m sending some feedback slips out today so have a look out for them.

Here are today’s tasks -

Joe Wicks PE click here, Mr Seuke fitness or  a sporting/exercise activity of your choice.

Maths White Rose click here complete lesson 4 on fractions of an amount. The worksheet has been emailed to you. 

English - Continue with RE draft from yesterday.

PSHE – Think of a high achiever you admire, write about that person or draw a picture. These resources have been emailed to you.

Home Learning Sheet – choose one activity from the Home Learning sheet which you have not yet completed and work on that or finish something you have not finished yet. Remember that I will be sending out a new sheet at the weekend so you have until then to anything new. 

Have you seen the latest Teachers' Lockdown Challenge? I am very impressed with the their super skills ; hula-hooping, dancing, trampolining.... the list is endless! click here if you haven't seen the film yet! 

Have a great day! 

Mrs Holt x