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Thursday 14th Jan

 Good morning everyone,

Welcome to Thursday! I hope your week is progressing well. It was lovely to see some more of your great work on the Teams call yesterday. Your parents should now have your one drive link ready to share with you, so if you have anything you are particularly proud of, ask permission to upload a photo so that I can see. One of your tasks today will be to write up the book report you started yesterday. Please could you send this to me via the one drive when you have finished it, so that I can read it. 

Here are your tasks for today

Early work – You have some column addition to practise today. You have been sent the link and it also appears at the bottom of this page.

Maths – L.O. – I can calculate the area of a parallelogram. This concludes our compound shape work, before we summarise our week’s learning tomorrow. I will work through a powerpoint with you and then you will work independently from the text book. There is are some extra challenge questions at the bottom of this page if you finish. You can print all or some of the pages or work from the screen. 

English – Today you need to focus on the write up for your book report. I will be sharing an example with you and looking at how well it matches the success criteria for this writing task. The instructions are at the bottom of this page. You will then draft and write up your own version, this should be uploaded to the one drive by Monday. 

RE – we are going be exploring sacred texts and looking at how the Bible is constructed. As a starter, please copy the summary listed below into your Learning Journal. If you have Bible, you could bring it to the Teams meeting this afternoon. Please watch this short learning clip too Bible learning clip

Study time – I am going to give you some independent study time this afternoon. I would like you to choose from the following list

  • Do some outdoor exercise or a sporting activity
  • Finishing off your book report so it’s ready to send to me
  • Start thinking about Island Project by doing some research – use the links on the instruction sheet in your learning pack
  • Explore some more with Google Earth, Google Maps or an atlas. This will help with your geography work next week.
  • Complete your Learning Journal cover if you haven’t done that yet
  • Re-familiarise yourself with with Purple Mash following yesterday’s science lesson and complete that task if you didn’t do so yesterday
  • Work in your sketchbook – try a still life task or one of the Turner tasks

There's lots to choose from! 

Have a fabulous day,

Mrs Holt x