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Thursday 11th February

Good morning children!

This term, we have been learning about celebrations. We are going to learn about a special celebration called Chinese New Year.


Chinese new year is a wonderful festival which celebrates the beginning of spring and the start of a new year in the Chinese calendar. Click on this link to find out how it all began…

I hope you enjoyed the story. Which zodiac animal are you? Scroll down to open the Chinese zodiac to find out.

Can you draw a picture of your zodiac animal? Alternatively, scroll down to print off and make a mask.


Please use your sound mats to practise your phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. You can scroll down to print / view these too

Now we have warmed up our phonic brains we are going to play a cool game. Use your phonics to read the questions and click the correct answer...






NB Parents, Please click on set 1-6 initially unless your child is confident.


We are going to sequence the animals from the race in number order. Scroll down to print off the number sequencing sheet and number sequencing animal cards...


If you don't have a printer can you draw the animals and write the numbers?


We are going to make some fun Chinese decorations. Choose form the following... You can scroll down to view instructions

Option 1

Paper lanterns

Option 2

Chinese paper chain dragon


Click for today's story with Mrs King...