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Thursday 10th March

Please can certificates be prepared for tomorrow's assembly. Either someone who has not received a certificate yet or  if someone has stood out to you. The certificate book is in the tray next to the class robot, with spare certificates to fill in. Please laminate and make a note of whom you gave it to. LSA can help.

St. George's Senior School students are coming in today, at 9am for 40 minutes, to teach an RE lesson. They also need to take away any work (or photocopies of work) that the children have produced in that lesson. If this is not possible, put the children's work to one side for me, and I will get it to St. George's early the following week (They need it for a special Mass they are preparing at St. George's).


Maths - Equivalent Lengths Millimetres and Centimetres

Equivalent Lengths mm and cm white rose video click here

Teaching Slides, Worksheets and answer sheets attached below.

Extension Target Your Maths Textbook Pg 74-75



Editing their inverted commas' conversation from yesterday between Hogarth and the Iron Man.

How did the characters talk to each other? Think of alternative words instead of said. Can you use adverbs to describe how the characters spoke?

Children to read out their speech with a friend. Take it in turn to read it out loud.


Mrs O'Neil's KS2 Assembly at 1pm (Check)


Geography - To recognise and use the 8 points of a compass.

I think the school compasses are stored in the trays under the computer table in the library.

Using compasses and powerpoint, explore the 8 points of a compass.

Label the 8 points of a compass on worksheet, and stick into books.

Complete the direction activity. 

There are also extension cards if weather is fine, as a practical activity.



Mrs Lake (Governor) in to hear readers pm. Children can leave their reading books and records in the middle of their tables in preparation.