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Good morning everyone, 

It's nearly the Easter Holiday, you have made it through 2 weeks of home schooling, you're amazing! 

English today I would like the children to write up their diary entry in neat, using their plan from yesterday. They are not copying the plan word for word, they are using to write their diary entry from. They will need to add more detail, like noun phrases. More information on feelings, why were the characters feeling that way. See if the children can add any of the subordinating conjunctions in their writing that they learnt how to use on Monday. 

Mathematics- Arithmetic sheet

Our topic work today is to use  Digimaps to map out a route to school. If you put the school postcode in the search bar, you will get a map of Addlestone, you can zoom in or out depending where you live. I will email out the username and password for Digimaps that we use at school. Once you are on, you can click on drawing tools and select the person icon, with this you will be able to position the person lots of time to map out your route. Feel free to map out other routes as well if their are significant places near by. The children have used Digimaps before and they love using it, they may need help logging on and just showing them what to do. If you press the refresh icon it will delete everything you have just done and then they will be ready to have a go. 

Thank you so much for the emails of all the lovely work the children have been doing, I have been adding bits to the photo sections on this website. I'm pleased to see all of you really embracing home learning.

I am currently planning our topic for after half term, which is going to be Under the Sea. More information will follow.

Best wishes, 

Mrs Osborn