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Good Morning 

Please join the teams meeting at 8:35 so I can say good morning and explain today’s work.

Mathematics- Please watch the white rose video click here and complete the sheet in the attachments at the bottom of the page. Once the children have finished they can test their knowledge of addition to 20 on the game 'Hit the Button' please click on 'Addition to 20' once on the page. Click here

Phonics  Today we will review the sounds already taught this week- This will be our English session today. Join me at 11 on teams for this. Please have the sound cards, phase 5 sound mat ready and your whiteboards and pens. 

PM- Please join Mrs Ferryman on teams at 12:40, she will announce the stars of the day and explain the work for Connect PSHE. 

Connect PSHE
Our new topic in PSHE is Giving To Others. This week is all about the different ways that we can show kindness to other people. There is a short story for you to watch, either before my call at 12.40 or before you start your work. Here is a link to the video: Whilst you watch it, see if you can answer these questions: What makes the dog change their mind?  ○ What happens when the dog helps the bird? What feelings do you notice? Your work will then be all about different ways that you can be kind to all people.