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Supporting Learning at Home

You may find some useful resources here for supporting your child whilst they are at home. The activities are designed to be accessible for all learners, particularly those with SEND. If you have any questions about any of the activities please do not hesitate to get in contact with Mrs Ferryman.

There are mostly free resources here, one or two are paid resources, however there is no obligation to buy anything, they are just recommendations.

First of all, this is a great list of ways that you can support your child at home if they have additional needs, whether they have a diagnosis or not:

Advice and Strategies for Parents


English Activities:

1. Reading every day at home, using something like this Happy Reading Bingo resource to encourage and motivate. 

Happy Reading Bingo

2. Using the spelling lists of statutory words for your child's year group (or year groups below if these words are more appropriate) see if your child can learn a few at a time. If they're up to the challenge, see if they can write some of the words in a sentence. 

Year 1 Words

Year 2 Words

Year 3 and 4 Words

Year 5 and 6 Words

3. If your child would benefit from more support with phonics, there are sound mats here for every phase. You can also find lots of fantastic phonics games here too.

Alphabet Mat

Phase 2 Mat

Phase 3 Mat

Phase 4 Mat

Phase 5 Mat

Phonics Games

4. Your children also have free access to a reading and spelling programme called Nessy. Instructions on how to log on can be found here.

Nessy Reading and Spelling Letter

5. Here you can purchase a book called Toe by Toe. This is a ten minute daily intervention which can easily be done at home. Instructions and the best place to order the book from can be found here.

Toe By Toe

Maths Activities:

1. There are too many maths activities out there to list! This link will take you to the Twinkl SEND maths page where you can choose from an endless list of mathematical resources which will best suit your child. Twinkl is currently free for everybody.

Maths Resources

2. Similar to Toe by Toe, Power of 2 is a daily, ten minute maths intervention which can be purchased here and produces fantastic results. 

Power of 2

3. Hit The Button is a fantastic game for practising key facts such as doubles, halves, number bonds and times tables. It is completely free on your web browser, or you can download the app for £2.99

Hit The Button


Speech and Language Activities:

1. Here is a brilliant link to a website for parents who are supporting their children with speech and language needs at home. It includes some great activities and games. 

Speech and Language Advice

2. There are also some great games here for language and communication skills. Have a look and see what level you think would suit your child best.

3. 30 Day Lego Challenge! This challenge is absolutely brilliant for developing not only communication skills, but supporting motor skills too.

30 Day Lego Challenge

4. These 5 minute challenges are great time fillers (which will most likely last more than 5 minutes!) and support language and communication skills.

5 Minute Challenges


Supporting children with Autism at home:

1. The brilliant team at Freemantles Outreach have put together a fantastic resource for parents who are supporting their autistic children at home. You can find it here.

Freemantles Advice

Supporting Children at Home

2. Visual Timetables are invaluable for children on the autistic spectrum in helping to support them in structuring their day, and knowing what to expect. There is lots of advice on this on the Freemantles Advice page, however below is a link to a timetable that you can use at home if you want to. 

Visual Timetable - School Activities

Visual Timetable - Home Activities

It may also help to break activities down in to what you are doing now, and what you will do next. Often, it is helpful to make the 'next' activity something which is motivating, like a game or a reward which will encourage your child to complete the 'now' activity. In really tricky times, it is also fine to put the motivating activity in the 'now' section if you think that you can negotiate with your child to do the work activity 'next'! 

Now and Next Visual