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Summer Term-Seaside

Welcome back to our last half term in Year 2, lets try and make it the best one yet! I have made a welcome back video click here.

Our new topic is the seaside, we will be using this topic for our English work. We will continue to use the White Rose for Mathematics and I will send out the worksheets, answers and video links before the week starts. The English and Mathematics will be on the website like before. For foundation subjects we will be doing a whole school project/topic, this will be uploaded to a different part of the website (Pupils>Year Groups> Whole School Learning).

The whole school topic is based around the message from Pope Francis in 2015 - 'Laudato Si.' His message asked us to protect and care for our common home - God's Wonderful World. CAFOD have some great resources for children that explain the Pope's message. Click here to watch a short film created by CAFOD.

Each week, a new focus for each subject will be developed and a plan with supporting resources will be published on the 'Whole School Learning' page on the school website (navigate to Year Groups and then click on the 'Whole School Learning' link). Activities can be completed individually, or by family groups working together and tasks can be adapted to suit younger or older children. There is an emphasis on developing children's knowledge, understanding and creativity across the curriculum, in easily accessible ways. There are lots of great activities to choose from for each subject. It is not an expectation that children should complete everything! 


We hope that you all enjoy our summer term topic and look forward sharing your children's learning.


Any questions please ask, 


Mrs Osborn