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Summer Term Week 6

Hello and welcome back after a lovely half term break- I hope you enjoyed the sunshine.

Our home learning is going to be a little bit different for this half term. Our Maths and English will still be put on the tear 5 pages every day- but the rest of the curriculum is going to be part of a whole school topic. This topic will be God's Wonderful World. All the children in the school will be doing the same topic. The teachers have planned activities for you to choose each afternoon- so you could follow our normal timetable and pick an activity that interests you. You will find all the ideas here- Whole School Learning

This week we will continue to read The Firework Maker's Daughter and our maths learning will focus on finding fractions of quantities. 

This week we will be writing an informal letter. 

Keep emailing me with some of the work that you will be doing at home. I love seeing your pictures and videos.