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Summer Term Week 2

Wow it's the second week of term already. I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed some fun time in the garden. Don't forget to look back at the gallery for week 1 to see some of the lovely learning you have all been doing. 

Your first challenge this week is to watch the video of messages from all the staff at Holy Family School. Now it's your turn- I would like you to send me a picture of yourself with a message for all of the class. You could write, paint or draw your message. You might even want to be more creative than that. Email me your pictures by Thursday to our class email address I will then make them into a short movie so that you can watch all your friends. I can't wait to see all your pictures. This was my picture- Arthur did one too, you can see it on his blog this week. My message to you all is to Live Each Day as One Happy and Holy Family. You will find the video here.

On this page you will find all the resources you need for the week commencing 27th April 2020. Work hard and enjoy your learning this week.

Click here to see a Monday message from Mrs o'Neil

Your topic plan for the next two weeks looks like this. These are tasks for the afternoon, when Maths and English are finished. Finish off anything that you didn't complete last week. You will find a copy to download in Summer Term week 1. I have add some collective worship ideas at the bottom of  the page too.

English Tasks:


Don't forget to start with

This week we are going to read Chapter 2 of The Firework Maker's Daughter. If you need a copy of the chapter I have added it to the resources at the bottom of the page. 

Click here to read the first part of Chapter 2 with me.

I had planned to do some descriptive writing this week, but I have had a change of plan. This week I thought we would do some diary writing. Look at the powerpoint in the resources at the bottom of the page to help you. Today you will be editing apiece of writing to make it better.

Maths- Complete a sheet of Arithmetic questions- number 7 in the resources.

Follow the link to complete some learning about decimals-  Adding Decimals

Tuesday- Don't forget to look at your spellings for this week. The powerpoint is attached at the bottom of the page.

To prepare ourselves to write a diary on Friday today you will look at the features of a diary and write some of your own examples. 

Click here to read the next part of Chapter 2.

Maths- follow the link to complete some learning about decimals- Subtracting decimals

There is aa tables test in the reources for you to complete. Time yourself!

Wednesday- Don't forget to complete your handwriting task. It is in the resources at the bottom of the page.

planning your diary is your task for today including doing a mind map to show your characters thoughts and feelings. I have attached an outline of  a mind map if you would like one to use, some of you might want to draw your own.

Maths- follow the link to complete some learning about percentages- Adding decimals

Friday- Don't forget to ask someone to test you on your spellings.

Read the end of Chapter 2 with Mrs O'Neil

BIG WRITE DAY- Have fun writing a diary entry today. The success criteria are:

-Include the date of the day,
-Write in the first person,
-Write in the past tense,
-Use a personal tone,
-Include self reflection,
-Include a rhetorical question,
-Include a short sentence,
-Include an exclamation mark,
-Aim to write five paragraphs.

Maths- complete your next Arithmetic test- number 8

Follow the link to complete some more learning about percentages- Subtracting decimals. If you get time complete the Friday challenge.