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Summer Term Week 1

On this page you will find all the resources you need for the week commencing 20th April 2020. Work hard and enjoy your learning this week

Click here to see a message from Mrs O'Neil- Monday 20th April.

Your topic plan for the next two weeks looks like this. These are tasks for the afternoon, when Maths and English are finished.


English Tasks:


Don't forget to start with

Look at the cover of The Firework-Makers Daughter. What questions can you think of about the story, the cover, characters, setting etc. Start questions in different ways. Use the 5W words, as well as how, is etc. Remember to start questions with a capital letter and finish with a question mark. I have added a copy of the book cover to the resources at the bottom of the page.

Maths- follow the link to complete some learning about decimals-  Adding decimals within 1

Tuesday- Don't forget to look at your spellings for this week.

Read the first half of chapter one- up to P6. Click here to read the first part of Chapter 1 with Mrs O'Neil

Think about the character of Lila. Use the powerpoint below to begin a character profile of Lila. I have loaded a copy of Chapter 1 at the bottom of this page, just in case you need it.

Maths- follow the link to complete some learning about decimals- Subtracting decimals within 1

Wednesday- Don't forget to complete your handwriting task.

Read the second part of Chapter 1- up to Page 12. Read along with Mrs O'Neil by clicking here.

Think about the opening of this book. Look at the powerpoint below, it shows you different ways to start a story. plan a new story opening for The Firework-Maker's Daughter. Think about how you will open the book.


The opening of a story should normally have:

•An interesting, dramatic or exciting opening sentence using one of the opening components discussed
•Information about the setting - where and when the story is set, with a little description about it
•Some characters introduced
Maths- follow the link to complete some learning about decimals- complements to 1

Friday- Don't forget to ask someone to test you on your spellings.

Finish reading chapter 1. Click here to read the last part of Chapter 1 with Mrs O'Neil

BIG WRITE DAY. Write a new opening for our book. Use the success criteria below. Remember you need to send me a copy of your work.

Success Criteria:

•Writing a story opening using at least one of the four different ways covered yesterday.
•Hook the reader in with a dramatic or exciting beginning.
•Help the reader to visualise the situation by providing a description.
•Give a little information about the setting.
Maths- follow the link to complete some learning about decimals- adding decimals crossing the whole
if you get time complete the Friday maths challenge on White Rose Home Learning.