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Summer 1- Homes and Habitats

Our cross-curricular topic this half term is Homes and Habitats. This is geography led and we will be finding out about our homes and what makes a good habitat for a minibeast.  We will take part in fieldwork and explore our local environment, ask questions about it and express our views. We will use aerial photographs and maps.  We will then take part in field work on our school grounds and decide where  a bug hotel would be best located.  We will make a simple map of where our bug hotel will go. Using this we will write directions for others to find our bug hotel, using directional language.  In science, we will be classifying minibeasts, looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. We will explore the nature trail to find microhabitats.  In art and DT we will be making a moving minibeast picture, and sketching butterflies using tones, shade and patterns.

We will also be watching our own caterpillars grow into butterflies. We will end the topic with a trip to Wisley.