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The staffing team at our school are dedicated to meeting the demands of our Mission Statement. They are the most critical resource we have.

Mr S Tindall

Mrs A O'Neil
Deputy Headteacher/Year 4  

Teachers and Support Staff  
Mrs J Holt Year 6 / SLT     
Mrs A O'Neil Year 5 / Deputy Head
Miss N Hunter Year 4   
Mrs S Willgoose Year 3
Mrs C Osborn  Wednesday & Thursday    
Miss S Thornton Year 2 
Miss Z Holehouse Year 1 
Mrs J Evans Reception   
Mrs C Clay Teaching Support        
Mrs M Cunnane SENCO
Ms S James Music Teacher 
Mrs L Anniss School Business Manager    
Mrs P Skinner Office Manager
Mrs G Sweeting Office Finance Assistant  
Ms L Gillespie Office Assistant
Mr P Gorman Site Manager
Teaching Assistants  
Mrs J Rawlinson Mrs A Bewley
Mrs G Capindale Mrs T Carter
Mrs S Dyer Mrs K Fuller
Mrs S Hibbert 

Mrs S O'Connor   


Mrs F Scott

Additional Staff  
Librarian Mrs K Holt
PE Instructor Mr P Seuke

Lorraine Powell

Tanya Bayliss
Kelly Hughes

Lunch Time Supervision

Mrs S Anderson

Mrs N Clark
Mrs M Emmerson-Richards

Mrs K Fuller
Ms L Gillespie
Mrs M McCoy
Ms N McCoy
Mrs K Noto

Mrs R Puri

Mrs F Scott