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Spiritual Life

Being part of a Catholic school community is very special. God has blessed us all with many talents, skills and opportunities. We have family and friends to help, support and encourage us. God calls on all of us to work as hard as we can to use our talents, abilities & skills in the service of others.

At Holy Family, we aim to develop our spirituality in many different ways. We find time for prayer, liturgy, scripture study, reflection and meditation. We communicate with each other and learn to share our ideas, thoughts and excitement. We celebrate together on special occasions and when we have achieved something by working hard, either individually or collectively. We serve each other in many roles of responsibility including prayer partners, liturgy leaders, reading partners, sports leaders, playground buddies, house captains, library monitors, eco-monitors and school council representatives.

 We learn the importance of sharing our anxieties, worries or concerns as our friends can help us in difficult times.

We also learn how important it is to help, support and care for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We enjoy supporting charities locally, nationally and internationally as well as being fully involved in our local community through work with our parish or local care homes.

In the last year, we have supported the following charities:

  • Missio
  • Save the Children
  • Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
  • Woking Homeless
  • Grass Roots
  • Enable Me
  • St Vincent de Paul Society
  • Chertsey Foodbank
  • Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

We understand that when we were baptised, the light of Christ was ignited in our hearts. It is our responsibility to make sure that light continues to shine brightly so that everyone we meet will come to know God through us. Our monthly awards of Holy Family Flames are a regular reminder of the light of Christ burning brightly in our school. Winners of the Holy Family Flame award receive a certificate featuring  the following poem and also a flame medal to keep for the month.

Being a Holy Family Flame


A Flame is someone who goes out of their way,

To provide love for others day after day,

It’s not about ‘me’, it’s all about ‘you’,

A Flame is honest, faithful and true.


A Flame can bring light when others see dark,

When faith is fading, they re-light the spark,

A Flame brings hope and a reason to live,

A Flame brings joy through the love that they give.


They seek no reward except the smiles that they bring,

Their patience and time make other hearts sing,

To the sick, the lonely, the frail and the old,

The Flame is more precious than silver or gold.


A Flame could be her, him, me or you,

Our Father in Heaven will see all that we do,

And send the spirit from above with God’s golden rule,

To help spread His love all across our school.


A Flame is someone who is always there,

To listen, support, help and share,

To put others first through the goodness of their heart,

To light up dark paths, to play their part.


A Flame spreads God’s love so others may see,

The next Holy Family Flame could be you or me,

Because we need no wealth or power to start,

We just need God’s love within our heart.


A Flame is someone I’d love to see,

A Flame is someone I’d love to be,

So I offer my prayers, my heart and my soul,

Speak to me Lord and I’ll answer your call.

                                                                                   S.Tindall  2012