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School Meals

School Dinners

Our meals are cooked in our own kitchen and are of a very high standard. For KS2 children there is a salad cart available everyday.

We now operate a system where parents pre-order their child's school dinners on Tucasi Scopay For all KS2 children that pay for school meals, your child's meal account will need to be in credit before meals can be ordered.  We now operate a cashless system for school meals and therefore all payments must be made online via the Tucasi Scopay site.

The choices are:                                                                                                                                          Main meal option (M), Vegetarian option (V - Green Band), Special Diet option (K - Orange Band & only available if you have completed a Special Diet Request Form for your child).                                                 

The cost from September 2020 wil be £2.40 per day / £12.00 per week.

Payments made online for school catering will be made to:- Commercial Services, Surrey County Council, Epsom Local Office, Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom, Surrey KT18 5BY. Please note that your bank statement will display WWW.SURREYCC.GOV.UK for these payments.

Free meals are available for children whose parents are in receipt of Social Security Benefit and applications should be made to Mrs Sharples in the School Office.

Packed Lunches

If your child wishes to bring a packed lunch there are a few points that we would ask you to note:

Within the school we have several children who are allergic to nuts. We cannot as a school guarantee a nut free environment, as it is not always possible to watch over every item that is brought onto the premises, however, we would urge you to ensure that lunch boxes are free of items that contain nuts (ie. no peanut butter, Nutella or cereal bars containing nuts). It would also help if you could impress on the children, as we do, not to share or exchange lunch items.

As a school we currently have the “Healthy School” status. To ensure that we conform to this, children are not permitted to bring sweets or chocolate bars as part of their lunch (although small chocolate biscuits are permitted). If you wish your child to have a sweet snack after their sandwich then please ensure it is a small biscuit or cake. Also lunch boxes should not contain fizzy drinks.

Finally, please ensure that packed lunches do contain nutritional items that your child likes to eat and we will encourage them to eat.

Your co-operation over these matters is much appreciated.