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School Council

Welcome to our School Council page.

Our School Council Members for 2019 are:

Year 6                      Natasha and Joseph

Year 5                      Harrison and Victoria

Year 4                      Ellie and Robbie

Year 3                      Jack and Darcey

Year 2                      Freya and Laurence

The School Council helps the school by giving the children's opinions to the teachers and the governors so they can help the school be a better place.

Our ideas for 2019, collected from the views of our friends are:

KS2 scooters- bigger scooters needed for PE activities (Year 2 and Year 3 to lead).

Chess- pieces and boards needed, 5 to start for chess club (Year 4 to lead). ACHIEVED. We now have a Chess Club for everyone who's interested in learning about chess at an after school Chess club in Year 3. 

The School Council have also been busy creating a child friendly anti-bullying policy leaflet.

This page is updated by Year 6.