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Well folks, here we are less than 24 hours away from yet another epic trip across the Solent with Year 6.

This is THE place to keep up with all the action & news as the fun unfolds. Check back regularly where you should find (technology permitting) an up to date story unfolding!

Ok, let's get this story underway...

...I'm sitting here in my office and it's blissfully quiet and peaceful. As so often prior to past trips,  I have a feeling of 'the calm before the storm'. I'm hoping 'the storm' is only generated by Year 6 but a cautionary glance at the many online weather sites this morning has left a black cloud hovering above me. They are not exactly predicting the cheeriest of weather for the first couple of days so I am now clinging on to the hope that they are either all totally incompetent or their equipment is faulty. Burying ones head in the sand when staring at the obvious seemed to work out in the end for Jose Mourinho this season so I'm not giving up hope just yet of a week without rain and high winds!

This blog literally has no defined direction at this point. I will react to things I see, hear and experience but it is the children and staff who will define the direction this story takes. I will simply hover with my pen and trusty notebook and record the action...get ready for a rollercoaster ride :-)


3.40pm - Good news...I'm typing this remotely on the laptop which means that all things technological are looking good for the week...providing I can connect to the Wifi at the hotel. Throughout the week, all children will feature in the blog although experience on my previous 20 residential trips tells me that some children manage to find their way into the story more than others. Who exactly that will be in 2017 will, I'm sure, unfold as the week progresses. Happy reading!  

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