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Roald Dahl 2021-2022

On Friday 25th March Year 2 went to Bucks County Museum and Roald Dahl children's gallery in Aylesbury. We had a wonderful time on the trip exploring parts of Roald Dahl's life and we also created our own dream bottles to take home! Scroll down this page to find a recount of the fabulous day out we had!


First, we travelled on a coach to get to the Museum. We were all very excited on the way there!

Once we had arrived, we walked sensibly from th coach to the museum and were greeted by the lovely ladies who work at the Museum. We put our lunch boxes away, had a quick trip to the toilet, and then it was time for us to explore the gallery. 

Before we were allowed to explore the gallery on our own, we all sat together and heard some fascinating stories about Roald Dahl and some of his characters.

We met Mr and Mrs Twit, who were squabbling and playing nasty tricks on one another; as they usually do. Then, one of the ladies had found a BFG dream and blew it all over us... I am sure the children had some weird and wonderful dreams that night!

Finally, we were allowed to explore the children's gallery! We were excited by all the magical things there were to do like...

Explore Fantastic Mr Fox's Tunnel


Experience what sounds are like for the BFG, with his massive ears



We were allowed inside the giant peach from the story 'James and the Giant Peach'. In there, we used microscopes to investigate different bugs.

Matilda's library was inside the gallery and here we could read all about Roald Dahl's life as well as some of his story's. We also found the chokey, but thankfully it was locked... we weren't too sure we really wanted to go in there anyway!







There was even dressing up for us to try on!

After a while of exploring the downstairs gallery we did some role play from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Next, it was time to explore upstairs! The optical illusions room...

The best part was when we shrunk the teachers and they almost got eaten by the Very Hungry Crocodile!


Eventually it was time for lunch. We sat outside in the beautiful sun and had a well deserved rest.


After lunch, it was time to make our dream bottles! First we explored the garden and museum for ideas to put into our dreams.




Last of all, we made our dreams and bottled them up so that we could keep them forever. They were all different! Some were nice, but some were nasty. Some were happy and others were a little bit frightening. Whatever dream we came up with though, we were extremely pleased with our inventions. Below you will find us with our dream bottles and a quote of our favourite part of the trip.

"The best bit was Fantastic Mr Fox's underground tunnel"






  "I loved Mr Fox's tunnel"






  "My favourite part was making the dream bottles and using the BFG's huge microphone"





  "Mr Fantastic Fox's tunnel and the glass elevator"






"Fantastic Mr Fox's tunnel"






  "Fantastic Mr Fox"






"I liked it when the lady was telling us stories about Roald Dahl and his life"






  "Fantastic Mr Fox's tunnel"






  "Going inside the giant peach"






  "Every single bit of it"






  "Matilda's library"






  "Making the dream bottles"






  "Mr Fox's tunnel and making the dream bottles"






  "Seeing the Twit's room with everything stuck to the ceiling"





  "When the teachers almost disappeared and all we could see left of them were their heads!"





  "Making the dream bottles"






  "Fantastic Mr Fox's tunnel"






  "Mr Fox's tunnel"






  "Fantatic Mr Fox's tunnel"






  "Making dream bottles"






  "Mr Fox's underground tunnel"






  "Dressing up as Augustus Gloop"






 "Going down in the glass elevator"






"When I got to dress up as Willy Wonka"






After a fun packed day it was time to get back on the coach and come home. Some of us had a little sleep on the way home, nice dreams were had here I am sure, and even though it was a shame the day was over, we couldn't wait to see our Mummy's and Daddy's and tell them all about our brilliant adventure!