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Rainforests (2019-2020)

Our cross-curricular topic this term is geography focused and looks to explore rainforests. We will start by locating rainforests on a map and finding out what is there. In Literacy we will be using non-fiction books to find out what animals live in rainforests. We will also be developing our Literacy skills by using books about rainforests to write for different purposes. In Geography we will be building upon our Geography skills using maps to locate rainforests in the world and exploring why they are mainly on the equator. Then we will be enhancing our physical and human features knowledge by comparing the Amazon Rainforest to a forest near us. We will be finding out about the climate and year 2 will be comparing its weather to our own. After this we will investigate the people who live there and how they live their lives. We will end our geography lessons looking into deforestation and how it affects people and animals who live there. In Art and Design we will be using a range of media to create animal pictures from the rainforests. We will be exploring aboriginal art recreating our own and designing and creating aboriginal masks.