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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Report 2017-2018


The Pupil Premium is a grant allocated to children from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months. This also includes pupils eligible for FSM at any point in the last six years (known as the Ever 6 FSM measure).

Academic Progress/Attainment

Funding was used to provide specialist 1:1 and small group support throughout the year. This included regular weekly teaching of reading, phonics, basic writing and key number concepts/ investigations in maths. Funding was also utilised to provide SENDCo expertise to assess individuals and plan tailored work programmes to support their learning in school and to meet with parents and other professionals.

Results show that all of the children are making good progress in relation to their peers. The children in Year Two have met the expected standard and made expected progress in all subjects. In the vast majority of cases, the Year Six children also have met or exceeded the expected standard in all subject areas, making good progress in relation to their peers. Of the five children in Year Six, two made very positive progress compared to others in their prior attainment group, and two made progress above those in their prior attainment group.  

Self-esteem and confidence

Discussions with the children demonstrate a high level of confidence and enjoyment in all curriculum areas.  Children are engaged in class and keen to contribute to class discussions, are enthusiastic and eager to achieve their learning targets.

Access to learning opportunities

All FSM children participated fully in additional educational experiences and residential visits where applicable.  They were also keen members of many extra-curricular clubs at Holy Family School. Our evidence shows that the use of Pupil Premium funding is having positive effects and we will continue to use it in a similar way in the academic year 2018-2019, ensuring that the interventions and additional support provided are regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure that they are suiting the pupils’ individual needs.

We are happy that Pupil Premium Funding has been used to provide social, emotional and health benefits, as well as contributing to academic progress.

Further details can be found in our full Pupil Premium Report below.