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Prayer Life

Prayers form a very important part of life at Holy Family School. We pray every morning either in the classroom or as a whole school in the hall. We also say prayers before we eat lunch and at the end of the school day. Our prayers are offered to God as a sign of our love for Him and as a thank you for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us.

Our school prayer is one of our very favourite prayers. You can read it below:

Holy Family School Prayer

We join together to pray as a family. Shine your bright light on us to protect us with all your loving care.

Help us to do our best in all we do, to stand up for our beliefs, to work and play happily together.

Help us to be grateful for all the things that help us to learn. May we show our gratitude by looking after our school.

Help us not to criticise each other or be unkind, but instead to love and care for each other in the way that you taught us.

May we live up to our school name, living each day as one happy and Holy Family.



At Holy Family we have prayer partners across the school. Children in upper KS2 are partnered with younger children  and they help them learn about prayer. They prepare short prayer services and lead these with the younger children.

Children also get opportunities to pray in church, in the school indoor & outdoor prayer gardens and in special reflection & meditation sessions held in our immersive learning room 'The Space'.