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Physical Education

PE is hugely important and integral part of the curriculum and wider school life at Holy Family. High quality PE and Sport has a very powerful impact on the all-round development of young people as it boosts achievement, builds essential communication and leadership skills, promotes diversity and inclusivity and teaches the importance of healthy, active lifestyles. At Holy Family School, we believe every child has a right to access high quality physical education and school sport and we are at the forefront of innovative and creative ways of teaching & learning. We have been awarded the Gold Activemark for the last five years and have been recognised by Sport England as a 'best practice school for PE & Sport'. We also received the Youth Sport Trust GOLD Award in 2016-2017.

In 2017 we were one of the first 100 schools in England to be awarded the prestigious Platinum Award for PE & Sport and we have once again been awarded Platinum for 2019 - 2021.

Our PE curriculum is designed and tailored to offer the broadest range of opportunities for all children thus promoting physical literacy. Through our teaching programme we aim to develop co-ordination, agility, balance, speed of movement, stamina, strength, creativity, imagination, leadership, teamwork and an understanding of strategy and tactics in team games. All children receive a minimum of two specific PE sessions every week.

Our PE curriculum is led by Mr Tindall/Miss Hunter and taught by Mr Seuke (Sports Coach) and the teaching staff of the school. Through creative, developmental use of the Primary Sports Premium Funding, we are working very hard to ensure the benefits of this funding have long-term sustainability. A major part of this is a carefully planned programme of staff CPD involving specific PE in-service training sessions for all staff, and joint teaching sessions with Mr Seuke supporting class teachers in delivering lessons. Specialist teachers or providers are also employed on a short term basis throughout the year to enhance and supplement the curriculum provision and knowledge of teaching staff eg dance specialism, hockey coaching.

Assessment in PE is given the same degree of attention as core subject areas with all children assessed on their attainment and progress every half term and targets set for next steps development. We use the Get Set 4PE scheme of work and assessment system to ensure continuity, progression and challenge for all children.