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On this page you will find everything you need to support your child with phonics and learning to read. Please click on the reading tab to the right for extra information you might find useful about how children learn to read.

When teaching phonics at home, stick to short bursts of 10-15 minutes and try to consolidate the learning when the children are playing, for example magnetic letters on the fridge, chalking words outside etc.

This term we will be moving on to digraphs (two letters one sound). As this can be a difficult concept for the children we will learn two digraphs per week. Please click onto the following videos ( I have tried to vary these videos). Following the video I have a added a short task although this is optional. Please feel free to use games / activities from home. 

Monday 11th January

Learn to read ch - 41

Can you be a phonic detective around the house and find as many things as you can that start with ch? Parents, as an extra activity the children could draw & label some of these items.

Tuesday 12th January

Use the sound mat from you pack and practise reading all phase 2 sounds and the phase 3 up to qu. Watch this fun blending video (twice if needed) Can you blend to read the words?

Phase 2 blending

Parents choose a couple of objects from around the home which are cvc words (consonant vowel consonant) eg, pan, hat, tin. Can the children write the words on throe whiteboard?

Wednesday 13th January

Learn to read sh

Print off the sh game and cut pictures and words.  Help your child to match together correctly. Depending on the needs of your child use more / less cards as appropriate.

Thursday 14th January

Click on the link to learn this cool alphabet song.

Letter names and sounds

Make some phonic baskets with sounds you know including sh and ch (see example below)