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This page contains short phonics lessons that your child can follow at home. They will need either some scrap paper and a pen or a whiteboard and pen with them before the lesson starts. The lessons have been taken from the Jolly Phonics 'Jolly Stories' book and been adapted to my style of teaching. I do not teach Jolly Phonics at school but these stories seem like a useful resource. You may need to sit with your child during the lesson as there are times when you need to pause the video to give your child time to practise a sound or write something down. It will also deepen their understanding if you are there to discuss the concept with them. Each Jolly Phonics story is split into 6 parts and each part practises a different sound. I have recorded these parts separately so that you can focus on one sound a day. After watching the lesson there is a link to the Jolly Phonics song to match the sound and a short activity related to the same sound attached to the bottom of the page too. The Jolly Phonics book does not cover all of the sounds that we teach the children, so after each complete story there are links to videos which can help your child practise the different spellings for the sounds used in the stories. Again, there are paper resources attached at the bottom of the page to help practise these sounds too. I hope this helps with your phonics at home. Love from Miss Hodson

Story 1: Goat's Bad Day

Goat's Bad Day part 1: ai

Jolly Phonics Soundtrack // ai

Jolly Phonics song lyrics and actions:  


Goat's Bad Day part 2: j

Jolly Phonics Soundtrack // j

Jolly Phonics song lyrics and actions:


Goat's Bad Day part 3: oa

Jolly Phonics Soundtrack // oa

Jolly Phonics song lyrics and actions:


Goat's Bad Day part 4: ie

Jolly Phonics Soundtrack // ie

Jolly Phonics story lyrics and actions:


Goat's Bad Day part 5: ee and or

Jolly Phonics Soundtrack // ee and or 

Jolly Phonics story lyrics and actions:

Sing all 6 sounds from this story together here

Other graphemes (spellings) for ai:

Split sound a-e                  ay

Other graphemes (spellings) for oa:

Split sound o-e                  Split sound o-e                 oe                                        oa // o-e // ow

Other graphemes (spellings) for ie:

Split sound i-e                   igh                                          ie // i-e // igh // y

Other graphemes (spellings) for ee:

ea and ey                             ee and ea                          Split sound e-e              y

Other graphemes (spellings) for or:

aw and au                            aw                                        au