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Our Wonderful Work

It has been lovely to recieve emails of the children trying the whole school learning project. Here are some examples of what some children have been up to already: 

FA tried the Art and Design work this week, she created a snail in the style of Matisse. Well done. 

SL  has had a go at the RE whole school learning today, she created a Pentecost headband and answered questions about the Pentecost. I love the headband and you have some really thoughtful answers. Well done! 

She has also written a great poem about the seaside using her senses. Well done, a super week for you learning from home. 



CC tried the cooking task today and  he decided to be like Carl Warner. He made a fruit/vegetable Forrest. It included mountains (celeriac and swede), rocks (mushrooms), trees (broccoli), grass (celery leaves), a snake (strawberries and raspberries) and a different tree which was the end of a strawberry. It looks brilliant! He has written his draft of his poem. Well done! He has also created his snail in the style of Mattise. It looks great! He has even had a go at a bit of science too and planted a grass head. I am so impressed with how much work you have done and sent in this week! 


We were inspired by SL in school today and created our own Pentecost headbands, who can you spot in the picture?

DP has created a snail in the style of Mattise, well done, it looks great!


AM has also created his Mattise snail. Well done, you have done a great job! He created his forest food too and has written his draft of his poem. A great start to the week! He has also looked into the reading for pleasure and found some books he would recommend. Ypu have also completed and sent in lots of work too. Thank you! 



CC created her snail in the style of Mattise. Well done, it looks brilliant! She also wrote a super seaside acrostic poem. 

LC has also created his Mattise snail, I love the different media you have used to create it. Well done to you too! He is also created a delicious looking mud pie! 


Jessica has written a fabulous seaside poem using her senses. Well done Jessica!

Alfie has worked really hard on his poem, he has used some great vocabulary in his poem. Well done!

Liza has written her seaside poem up in neat. Well done Liza!

RS has drawn her snail in the style of Mattise. Well done! 

Macy has been working har with her writing this week, here is her seaside poem.

Jamie has sent in his poem. Well done Jamie! I love the ending of your poem.

Ferne has sent in a selection of her work from the week. Well done Ferne, you have been working really hard at home. 

LB has also sent in lots of photos of his home learning. He has been very busy too. Well done!



JT has been busy working from home, here are some photos of what he has been upto. Well done!



Thank you to everyone who has sent work in this week. It seems everyone is enjoying the new topic and the whole school learning too. Well done to you all!