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Monday 8th June

Good morning Year 3! It was so lovely seeing and speaking to so many of you last week on the webinar. If you couldn't make it, try to join us this week!

Please watch my video message below. Perhaps you can impress me with how much better you're doing with bird watching than me (see background in video), although I am very proud the starlings have found us! Can you do better than my tally? It's the amount of birds in one week seen at any one time. So, although the starlings have been multiple times, the most I've seen was 5 at one time. Same as the Jackdaw, it has been many times to feed, but I've never seen two at the same time! So it has to go as 1 tally! Or maybe you can beat Emilia in the 'keeping your house tidy with your toys' competition!

Message from Mrs Willgoose

Please ask your parents to read this note highlighted below, if they haven't read it on the previous page:


Please read: I am thinking of how I can supply you with reading books from our scheme to read at home, whilst removing any risks of contamination.

I am happy to make up plastic wallets with a name label for your child with a selection of books that matches their book band. If you would like this to be provided for your child, then it would need to comply with an easy to use system. So, I am proposing:

  1. Email me at indicating that you want to borrow books from the scheme and tell me what Book Band your child is on.
  2. I will put a selection of 5 books in your child's pack. Please note that at this time, you may find they have already read one or more of the books. If you discover that they are reading the books breezily and have a deep understanding of the books comprehension wise, then leave a note inside the pack when you return it, and we will see about moving a band. Equally, if they are too tricky, then you may find your child needs to temporarily drop a band, so let me know if that is the case too.
  3. Collect your named pack of books on a Thursday between 9.30 am and 2pm from the main school entrance (on grass if dry -  under the porch if wet). I will leave some wipes for you to wipe down the plastic pack on collection.
  4. When you have finished with your pack of books, return it on a Tuesday between 9.30am and 2pm, to the collection box by the main school entrance (on grass if dry - under the porch if wet). I will then prepare you another set of books for collection on the Thursday.
  5. Take as long as you need with the books. No need to return the books every Tuesday unless you are ready to.
  6. Sticking to these days - returning books on a Tuesday and collecting books on a Thursday will give me time to clean the packs / books before they are  put into circulation and used again.
  7. if your child is in school currently, then the same applies, but you can drop off and collect books at the drop off and collection times for your child. Please do not let your child bring their pack of books into school with them, as we are trying to keep any risk of cross contamination to a minimum.
  8. Packs will be ready for this Thursday if you email me today with your child's book band. (If they can't remember, I should be able to locate the information at school, so let me know if this is the case too).

For now:


Monday’s School Reading Book  - Oxford Owl online e-books - please log in with the details we sent you, or create your own log in. Try and choose one which matches your book band / or try with one book band higher. You need to be reading about 90% of the text fluently and understand it, as a guide. Can you write it down in your school reading record?

The Romans

English: Retrieve and record information from non-fiction

This week we're going to be finding out more about the Roman Army!

Today I want you to read the presentation attached below (either PDF or Powerpoint). Then watch the animation clip here:

Click here for new link to Roman Soldier Animation

Then, either draw / do a collage of a Roman soldier OR complete one of the worksheets attached below (differentiated). Be careful if printing, as there are a number of sheets on one print out.

Please add any extra detail you can about what they are wearing. If any facts really stood out to you, why don't you add these too?


Measure Length

Either complete the White Rose sheets. Watch the video if you get stuck.

White Rose Measuring Length video


See how far you get with this. No need to complete all. 

  1. Study the information below:

2. Then, can you work out what is at each measurement? (a to l)

Note: These are in whole centimetres, so c = 4cm and g = 17cm

3. Work out each measurement (a to f). Note these are in half centimetres.

4. Work out each measurement (a to h). Note these are in tenths of a centimetre.

So, for example, write                                b = 2 cm 3 mm

or, if you fully understand, write             b = 2.3 cm


Can you use your own ruler to measure any lines around the home, in cm and mm?

To finish

How did you get on last week with the Whole School Learning? It's there for ideas and for you to follow your interests as a family. 

Have a wonderful Monday!