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Monday 8th February

For any resources listed, please check the class one drive or email

Good morning Year 6,

Welcome to another week of great learning, our final one before half term! I have enjoyed looking at some of your competition entries over the weekend, they are wonderful. If you haven’t uploaded your picture yet, time is officially running out so please do so ASAP!

Here is our timetable for today –

Early Work - Complete the spelling handwriting sheet as usual and stick into learning journal. If you cannot print, copy words neatly into reading journal and write each word 5 times in best handwriting. Look up any words you do not understand in preparation for sentence writing later. 

Please make sure you have had  look at the Special Mission sheet at the bottom of this page. 

Then complete one of the 60 second reads.

Maths - L.O.  I can find the  one step rule Please complete the worksheets from the one drive for today. If you would like to, you can also watch the video

If you finish, please look at page 87 in the text book and choose your level of learning.

English – Practise this week’s spelling words AND words from Year 5/6 spelling lists.  Please learn and write a sentence for each word in the table below. 











I will leave last week’s Year 6 words on Spelling Shed and then add some new words for you to try.Then, if you have time, please start thinking about Special Mission activity by choosing a subject for the project. (more details later) 

Geography - This week we will be exploring four figure grid references. We will work together before completing a couple of activities.

  1. Treasure Island map with grid references 
  2. Grid reference sheets from Home Learning pack entitled ‘Homework Today’ pages 40 and 41

Have a great day! 

Mrs Holt x