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Monday 7th March


All homework books to be handed in x 3 (English, Maths, Spelling)

New homework will go out tomorrow, so books will need to be checked / marked/ and new work put in as asap. To help this, children can mark own work as a class, etc. 

New Maths homework (measuring sheet) is ready to be stuck in (in the tray by the class robot) .

English - Inverted Commas - attached below - print page 1 x 30 and get stuck into English Homework books.

Spelling Homework  - Pg 144 of attached spelling document. Print pg 144, x 30 (Challenge Words). Please reassure children that they just need to try to learn as many as they can, as they are challenging.

Spelling Test to be done in back of Spelling Homework books. 

Homophone words to be tested:

  • grate
  • great
  • grown
  • groan
  • main
  • mane
  • meat
  • meet
  • missed
  • mist

Maths - Measure Length

http://Measure Length Teaching Video White Rose if needed

Teaching Slides, Worksheets and answer sheets attached below.


English - SPAG Lesson - Inverted Commas

Please see attached powerpoint and worksheets to support teaching of inverted commas as you see fit.



Resources will need to be collected for this lesson.The children may have ideas where some of the resources are kept, so can help compile the items for testing.

Other items may be in the clear chest straight ahead on the floor, in the walk in cupboard, where science resources are kept for Year 3. 

What the recorded work looked like in books in previous years: