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Monday 6th July

Good morning everyone,

I can't wait to see you later, if you able to make it! I will meet you at the front of school, either at 3.15 or at 4.15, depending on your slot! It will be lovely to be re-united, even for a short while. I will leave the book drop box out today as well as tomorrow, so you can return books early and to save you making the trip twice. The new books will be ready for you on Thursday for collection.

I'm just adding this 6 minute video clip about Pompeii, which I've just found! If you enjoyed learning about Mount Vesuvius, you may enjoy watching it. 

Today, make sure you're ready for your spellings and that your handwriting is being kept up to scratch! Attachments below if needed.


Today we are learning about Measuring Mass. You will need to ensure you understand the mathematical vocabulary used. Hopefully, you'll find this easier if you have been baking and cooking at home, as you will have been using the measurements of mass (and capacity later in the week) whilst you are doing those activities. Such a practical way to learn. If you haven't, maybe have a go this week, and learn about mass and capacity along the way. Worksheets attached below, and if you become stuck, the video is attached.

Measure Mass Video Click here

History / English

Learning about the Celtic people:

The Celts were living in Britain when the Romans invaded. This week we will be learning about the Celts, comparing them with the Romans, and learning about Boudicca, the Queen of the Iceni Tribe.

Please learn about the Celts today (see website links and presentations attached) before having a go at  completing the 'Day in the Life of a Celt' worksheet.

Website to use to learn about the Celts

Life in Celtic Britain

A 10 minute educational video to music with images of celtic life

Mrs Willgoose x