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Monday 30th March

Good morning everyone! I hope this finds you all well?  The weather has changed a little (or a lot) and it's feeling a lot colder! It's the start of a brand new week, and the clocks went forward, which means Easter is drawing closer!


So, for today, it would be great if you could find the time to have a look at the home learning video for fractions on a number line and have a go at the questions. You will need to click on the link to watch the video, but the maths questions are attached below, and there are also answers for your parents. You can just copy the questions into your home learning book, or print off. Whatever is easiest for your home environment.

Step 6 - Fractions on a number line    (See Week 2, Lesson 1 video clip - Fractions on a number line )


The Butterfly Lion book - Please read the chapter 'A Lot of Old Codswallop.' If possible, read this with an adult, so you can explore and discuss the text together, as this is quite a challenging chapter, related to the First World War! Research The Victoria Cross; a special medal awarded for bravery. Click on the link below to help you. Then either choose from one of the two worksheets below (no need to print - you could copy out the format) or present in your own way, (be creative and arty if you choose!) your understanding of The Victoria Cross, and who you think deserves one. You can choose a famous or a non-famous person! Please remember, keep your work presented as neatly as possible and remember your punctuation!


A Geography Task - On Purplemash I've set under 2DO an activity where you report on the weather for the week; so a  weather diary. You can either do a weather diary by hand for the week, and create your own, or you can work on the one on Purplemash. Remember to save it each time you update it!

Other things to keep you busy - Keep on doing the activities from your pack / the activities stuck in the front of your home learning book. I've also added some new 2DO tasks on Purplemash -  a typing challenge / tutorial, a Maths sequencing snake game and a SPAG word prefix challenge. You may also though be finding your own learning. Check out Oskar's Science Homework on the Year 3 page of '2DisplayBoard' on Purplemash for an example of this! Thanks Oskar for the email on Purplemash too :-). If you feel really inspired by something you've done at home, do share it too! 

Today's Spelling Shed news .... we're still in 3rd place, but we're rapidly creeping up on Year 6. Our score, as of Sunday, was 76,495,232! Top 50 mentions: 4th place - Santiago and in 9th place - Jack J! Two boys in the top 10. I am so impressed by this sterling effort! Very well done! Then; 21st - Amy, 26th - Maisy, 28th - Mia, 29th - Edward, 31st - Siobhan, 37th - Maya, 39th- Beau and 42nd - Ruby. Others are also creeping up towards being in the top 50. Amazing! Leon, Darcey, Nicholas and William were also there on Friday, amongst others. Super! We've now had 90% of the class logging in to Spelling Shed over the past week and excelling at their spelling :-) Let's see if we can keep this going, as your spelling self will really appreciate you for it!

I've set the daily blog up for the 30th March on Purplemash, with a question too. I'll be there at 10.45 to approve comments live, as you may want to chat to each other too. Feel free to write comments before though, and I expect I'll pop on to approve some before that time. 

If Times Tables Rockstars isn't working for you at the moment, you can still practise them on Purplemash for the time being. I've now managed to locate my own log-in details, and log on, so I'll be looking into any issues soon. I'll quickly set a times table  activity on there in the 2DO folder, so you can keep your skills up.

Have a great day! You're doing really well ;-) 

Mrs Willgoose