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Monday 28th February

Good morning.

All homework books to be handed in x 3 (English, Maths, Spelling)

New homework will go out tomorrow, so books will need to be checked / marked/ and new work put in as asap. To help this, children can mark own work as a class, etc. 

New Maths homework (money sheet) is ready to be stuck in (in the tray by the class robot) .

English - Commas in Lists. Print Pg 12 , x 30 for homework

Spelling - Pg 139 of attached spelling document. Print pg 139, x 30 (Homophones)

Please tell children that there will be no set homework on spelling shed whilst I'm away, as I do not have access from home, but there can still go on there and spell more generally.

Spelling Test to be done in back of Spelling Homework books. 

Words to be tested:

  • calmly
  • exactly
  • deadly
  • bravely
  • boldly
  • gladly
  • deeply
  • clearly
  • hourly
  • quickly

SPAG Lesson - Commas in Lists

Teach as you prefer about commas in lists.

Task (or your own) - Print Page 13 (with page 12 for homework)

Can be stuck into green English skills book. 


Maths - Pounds and Pence

Teaching Video White Rose Maths Pounds and Pence (if needed)

Teaching Powerpoint and worksheet attached below.

Extension - Some children may be able to start page 97 from Target Your Maths textbook, writing answers in their exercise books, although content is not introduced until tomorrow.


Science - Forces and Magnets - Lesson 1

You will find the magnets in the walk in cupboard - straight ahead on the shelf.

Paperclips (a box of) for the investigation, I think are on my desk. Resources for the investigation should be in / or around the clear tub, on the floor, in the walk in cupboard, straight ahead.