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Monday 25th January

See Class one drive to access resources detailed below

Good morning Year 6!

It SNOWED! Lots of excitement in the Holt household, I hope you were able to enjoy some time outside too! If you made a snowman send me a picture, they might even be as good as our arty creations! 

Here is our timetable for today- 

Early work – Please complete the spelling handwriting sheet as usual and stick it into your learning journal, then complete one of the 60 second reads

Maths – L.O. we will be ‘completing division sums to solve problems’. We will work on some examples together, before working from the textbook.  click here for the video if you need it. Then, there are worksheets to complete and stick in your maths book. If you cannot print, you can work from the screen and write down your working out and answers.

Then, you can look at maths textbook page 25 – rounding up or down according to the question’s context.

English - Practise this week’s spelling words AND words from Year 5/6 spelling lists

Weekly Spellings.

  1. Please learn and write a sentence for each word.











There are also Year 5 and 6 words for you to practise on Spelling Shed 

Then, if you have time, please complete the ‘The Circus’ reading comprehension from your new learning pack. Year 6 Comprehension booklet.

Geography –  In the next few lessons, we will be developing mapping skills by looking more closely at Ordnance Survey maps. We will start this week with learning some of the symbols to be found on these maps. If you have any ordnance survey maps at home, they would be useful to look at,  but are not essential.

We will be using Digimaps in our lesson and I will share the log in details with you later.

We will be identifying OS map symbols and marking them on the A3 map provided in your learning pack.  There is a video lesson with more detail about OS Map  if you would like to watch - video lesson

 Have a great day! 

Mrs Holt x