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Monday 25th January

Good morning everyone :-) I'll see you at 8.45 for our Teams Check in.

Today, please get started with your new spellings. We are looking at the prefix 'mis' this week. If you have been given your own spellings, then work on these instead. Well done Year 3; I see we're now in 3rd place on Spelling Shed. Dominik is in 3rd place! Amazing!

At 9.15, we'll do our Maths. We will be looking at multiplying a 2-digit number by a one-digit number again, without exchange, building on Friday's understanding.

At 11, we will do English. We are doing a poetry unit this week, with an Ancient Egyptian focus.

This afternoon, in Science, at 1.30, we will be looking a the structure of a tooth, before attempting to make a paper model structure of a tooth, as well as completing a glossary. 

The only thing I can see that really needs printing is the Science building a tooth activity - just the black and white diagram needs printing. If you haven't got a printer, maybe you can do something different, such as drawing and labelling the different parts and what they do. 

Have a great day.

Mrs Willgoose x