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Monday 25th January

I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for another week of fun learning. This week our learning will be based around a new fairytale. Can you guess what it is?


If you have the story of the Three Little pigs at home then you can read that now with an adult, If not click on the link to enjoy this animated version. 

Discuss some of the following questions with your child at the end of the story:

Why did the three little pigs have to make their own houses?                                          What material did the first/second/third little pigs use to make their house from? How do you think the little pigs felt when the wolf blew down their houses?                  How do you think the three little pigs felt at the end of the story?                                  Why do you think the wolf wanted to come into the three little pig’s houses?      Would you let the wolf into your house?

Task:  Draw a picture of the wolf and ask a grown up to draw a speech bubble coming from his mouth. Alternatively, scroll down to print off the speech bubble. Inside the speech bubble you are going to write down one of things that the wolf repeats in the story                                                                                                                          Examples:    ‘Little pig little pig let me come in.’    ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff...’ Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop.

NB Parents: Pease encourage your child to have a go at writing rather than copy write. Encourage them to "Say the word, robot talk the word and write the word" Please use sound mats to assist with letter recognition.


Today we are going to start by practising our phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. Click on the links to access the flashcard Slide shows. Remember to whisper the sounds.  NB Parents, we have only learned phonemes to ng. Please stop after this slide unless your child is able to continue.

Phase 2 sounds

Please use sound mat to practise phase 3 sounds

Now we are going to practise our blending. Click on this fun game and match the correct pictures to the words. There are two levels in this game. Can you complete both levels?

Fishy phonics


Before we have our main input, click on the link for this fun story about balancing...

Balancing Act

Now click on the link for today's input

Session 1 - Comparing mass - heavier and lighter than

Follow up activity

If you would like to draw your findings, scroll down to print off the balancing recording sheet.



Please click on the following link for a new art lesson from Mrs Cala.

Art Lesson 2