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Monday 22nd February

This week we are going to be learning about how humans grow and change.


Click on the link to watch and discuss how humans grow and change.                        NB parents. This learning develops an understanding that change occurs through life. Whilst watching the video, please talk, talk ,talk and relate as much as you can to the children's direct experiences. Pause the video where necessary.



Follow up activity

Scroll down to print off the stages of growth sequencing sheet, choose one sheet to cut and sequence.

Alternatively you could look at some photographs from home / from a magazine and create your own timeline.


Part 1

We are going to start by practising our phase 3 sounds. Click to complete this fun time trial...

NB Parents. Please work with sets 6 7 8 & 9 as these are the sounds taught so far. You can highlight the sets on the game like this...

Part 2

You are now going to use your phobic skills to practise reading a short comic. Click on the link to open. NB. Parents. Please choose a comic which relates to the ability of your child. If your child is not yet secure with word building then stick to phase 2.



Click on the link for today's maths lesson

Follow up activity

If you don't have cubes at home you can use lego, building blocks, boxes, stock cubes etc.

Optional activity

Scroll down to print and complete the Teddy's tower height ordering sheet


Today we have been learning about how humans grow. We are going to create a self-portrait of ourselves today, so we can look back at it in years to come to see how much we have changed. You will need a mirror, paper (or your red book) and pencils.

Click on the link to watch how to make a self-portrait...

Please send me all your lovely pictures on tapestry so we can make a class portrait gallery.


Click on the link to listen to a beautiful story about growing up.